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Welcome to New Water Margin Chinese Restaurant.

The address is 72-74 Burton Rd, which is close to Derby City Centre. We provide free parking in a designated location.

Our team of Chinese Chefs cooks Cantonese, Peking and Sichuan meals in the traditional style, using a variety of herbs and vegetables to create culinary delights for your enjoyment.

In addition, we offer Banquet Menus for private gatherings and special occasions. Our conference and Karaoke Room provide an ideal setting for corporate meetings, birthday or wedding parties, and various events. Reservations are available when the expenditure on food and beverages totals at least £250. A deposit will be required in advance, and a 10% service fee will be added. We strongly advise booking in advance, and our staff is ready to assist you with any inquiries.

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Please refer to the opening time before reservation.

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