Welcome to The New Water Margin

We welcome you to NEW WATER MARGIN where we would like you to enjoy high class cuisine in a pleasant and luxurious surroundings.

Our menu has been carefully planned to offer you the flavour of the Orient. The flavour of some Cantonese and Peking dishes are prepared in the traditional manner by our teams of Chinese Chefs who skilfully employ a wide selection of herbs and vegetables to create culinary delights for your enjoyment.

In addition, we are able to provide Banquet Menus for private functions and special occasions. Our conference and Karaoke Room is most suitable for business conferences, birthday or wedding parties etc. And it is free to hire, provided that the minimum spending of £200 on food and drinks is met.  Advance bookings are most welcome.  Please do not hesitate to ask for assistance from any of our staff.


Dear Customers,
Please note that we are still closed at the moment and have plans to open for takeaway meals soon. We need more time to set up a safe environment for the staff and our customers before we can fully open for normal seating in the restaurant. Appreciating your full understanding. Stay safe!!

Date: 07th July, 2020