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Revised Prices Announcement

Due to the recent horrendous increases on food , energy and petrol costs , we have no choice but to revise our menu prices at a moderate level to keep this busi...


How to adjust the dumpling filling to make it delicious

500g pork, half carrot, half corn, 1 egg, 5 dried shiitake mushrooms, appropriate amount of dried fungus, 1 celery, 3 spoons of soy sauce, 3 spoons of oyster sa...


Preparation method of dumpling filling

Dumplings are a traditional delicacy of the Chinese nation. Few people don't like to eat them, and they will miss them if they don't eat them for a certain peri...


What ingredients do you need for seafood fried noodles

Fried noodles need to put bacon, rape, tomatoes, green onions, ginger, garlic, oyster sauce, hoisin sauce, light soy sauce, chicken essence, salt, vegetable oil...


What are the nutritional value and effects of steak ribs?

Beef is rich in nutrients and can help replenish iron. What is the nutritional value of ribs? Beef ribs can be stewed with a variety of ingredients. It is not o...




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